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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Dec 17 18:40:05 UTC 2017


   the "code of conduct" topic is something that will almost certainly
discussed a lot here over the next couple of weeks and months.

You are raising a couple of points that certainly deserve attention; the
very idea behind a CoC is to make things fair, not unfair.

However, you are unnecessarily transporting a conflict that is raging in
US academia into our community, and you are doing that with the
hostility of an old warrior of *that* conflict.

Please don't bring the animosities from that conflict into our
community; we are not a US university, and we will find out own way to
solve the issues at hand to the best of our project and community.
Discussing a Code of Conduct for OSM against the backdrop of what's
going on in US academia won't be helpful.

The Code of Conduct discussion is an important one to have; don't ruin
it for us by starting out with a bellicose stance. Some of the questions
that you are asking might have merit but you have, on purpose I must
assume, clad them in wording that will lead people to ignore whatever it
is you have to say, and only feel attacked.

You're introducing the terms "trigger warning" and "microaggression",
all interesting and worthy of discussion, but you're not interested in
discussion or even explaining them, you are just using the opportunity
to rubbish them in passing. You're peppering your missive with puns
about people who might be offended by this or that, and dish out
ridicule against people who are perhaps more easily hurt than you are.

As an example,

> Don't assume hatred when ordinary conversation or curiosity suffices.

is a totally acceptable concept, but next time just leave it there
instead of continuing with details about an "out" tranny better
expecting some questions.


> I'm a big believer in diversity -- but I think we lose most of the
> benefits of diversity if we are afraid to talk about what makes us
> diverse.  The cure for bad speech is more speech - not bans.

is certainly a position you can have, just next time don't make fun of
people who don't like to talk about their sexuality.

The style of discussion that you seem to be championing here is exactly
what we *don't* need when we, as a community, want to discuss these issues.


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