[Osmf-talk] "a viper pit of racism and misogyny"

Eric Dose e at ericdose.com
Wed Dec 20 22:26:52 UTC 2017

"Not in the best of taste"? That person just expressly wished a painful death to 
me, my loved ones, and to all US OSM mappers. And while a (true) statement like 
"women can be sexist" is punishable at OSMF, apparently a wish for mass death is 

Shame on OSMF. For some reason, I imagined that OSM was about mapping and 
building a database. I imagined OSMF might be about leadership. Silly me. Now I 
see they are mostly about protecting violent speech that one likes, while 
punishing speech that one doesn't. I'm very sorry I recently spent ~150 hours of 
my life in mapping. It was supposed to help people who have nothing, but now I 
see that first-world navel-gazing is more important than saving lives here, and 
my efforts are destined to go down a hole.

I'm done here.


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Am 19.12.2017 um 16:15 schrieb Blake Girardot:
> ...
> "America's death cannot come swiftly or painfully enough."
> ...
Just so that everybody can put the statement in to context, it was a
comment by an UK citizen on the efforts by somebody else trying to gain
independence from US based service providers (google etc) and asking
advice on routing engines etc that they could use in place of the
ubiquitous services that we all know.

Not in the best of taste, but obviously we are down to regulating that
now too.


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