[Osmf-talk] "a viper pit of racism and misogyny"

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 11:04:46 UTC 2017

2017-12-20 23:12 GMT+01:00 Eric Dose <e at ericdose.com>:

> There is no such thing as "reverse sexism". Sexism against men and sexism
> against women are both just sexism. Racism against whites and racism
> against
> blacks are both just racism. That one group is or is not (perceived as)
> dominant
> has nothing to do with it.

There is at least the concept of "reverse sexism", you can read more about
it in the Internet.

And the CoC Frederik linked above has a paragraph about it which backs
Rory's statement (for this specific CoC at least) :

COMMUNITY NAME prioritizes marginalized people’s safety over privileged
people’s comfort. RESPONSE TEAM reserves the right not to act on complaints

   - ‘Reverse’ -isms, including ‘reverse racism,’ ‘reverse sexism,’ and
   - Reasonable communication of boundaries, such as “leave me alone,” “go
   away,” or “I’m not discussing this with you.”
   - Communicating in a ‘tone’ you don’t find congenial
   - Criticizing racist, sexist, cissexist, or otherwise oppressive
   behavior or assumptions

Geekfeminism has their definition here:

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