[Osmf-talk] "a viper pit of racism and misogyny"

Christian Rogel christian.rogel at club-internet.fr
Thu Dec 21 18:26:39 UTC 2017

I am very puzzled by the explosion of lenghty messages on this thread. I cannot understand how very normal differences of opinions are resented as direspectful expressions.

Yes, a woman attracted harsh observations on her doing, she was defended, she defended herself, and then, nothing, except she was well elected. No misoginy here.

Yes, the HOT US branch was put politely under mild scrutiny when providing distinguished members to OSMF Board.  And then… We know now and we do not consider HOT as a pit of conspiracy. End of story.

Yes, a UK citizen, maybe serioously, maybe not, expressed antiamericanism. And then ? No new of a conspiracy against American citizens as a whole. It was seen, I suppose, by the few audience as a benign individual eruption.
We know all that pointing at every minor and personal fault can prejudice to the convivency.
In other terms, you need gather a bunch of convergent facts, before throwing alarm about supposed collective behaviors.

I do not consider the four OSM-hosted lists I suscribed to (talk-en, OSMF-talk, talk-fr and talk-fr-bzh) as underregulated and ill-atmosphered. There are not deserving any CoC as there are no insults or personal insinuations (complaining about a person’s conduct is not necessarily attacking). 

Christian Rogel

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