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Tim Elrick osm at elrick.de
Thu Nov 23 17:45:06 UTC 2017

Hi Christoph,

Am 23.11.2017 um 05:44 schrieb Christoph Hormann:
On Thursday 23 November 2017, Tim Elrick wrote:
>> [...] I understand that many of the long-standing OSM members are >> concerned about new mappers (involuntary) entering data not >>
according to the OSM standards. > Actually i don't think many are
concerned with that - of course there > are territorial mappers who
object to newcomers intruding 'on their > turf' but that it the
exception and not an attitude that should be > supported. The policy
does not try to regulate new mappers in any > way - unless of course
they start off as part of a directed mapping > effort.
Ok, then I guess, I am missing out on background as of why this policy
is put forward (and I apologize for that). If I understand your
interpretation correctly, a mapathon for mapping buildings in a certain
town would be covered by the policy (that would be clause a) in the
policy), and a course at an educational institution, where the directive
only is 'map features in OSM', but it is required to map would be
covered as well (by clause b) in the policy). Then there might be group
events, that are voluntary and not directed (this is the example you are
talking about, I guess); however, I have not come across a group mapping
event for new mappers yet, that was not an directed effort (but I am
happy to learn about one); and second why should these events not
abide to such a policy?

>> However, I am bit concerned about the policy not differentiating >> enough between paid and voluntary mapping groups. I think, the OSM >>
community needs especially the latter to nurture a steady flow of >> new
crazy, uber or epic mappers. > I would like to point to a comment i made
on the talk ML yesterday > explaining that showing how to map and
explaining how OSM works to > newcomers is quite clearly not covered by
the policy: > >
> > If a formal distinction should be made based on economic factors (paid
> vs. voluntary) is a tricky question.  The problem is these days there > are fairly viable options with sufficient money and ressources to >
organize and motivate volunteers in large numbers without acutally >
paying them (which would make them non-volunteers obviously). The >
factors influencing the need for regulation are not really that >
strictly connected to if the directees receive material compensation >
or not.
Ok, I agree that money is not the point. But, let's make it clear to
myself: the
policy is proposed, because the community is concerned about third parties
(whatever interests involved) making big changes to the database without
following well established procedures. Is this correctly phrased?

Then, I still think, the aim is not to make it too difficult for "well
event organisers.

So, my suggestion then would be to modify the requirement of listing the
participating people. First, it is not feasible to expect that the
director knows
who is showing up at the event (so no prior entering of names is possible).
Second, for privacy reasons and because it is handier to have in OSM to
change the requirement to list the participating mappers identified by
their user names where the entering of the user names should be done right
after the event - as it might be too difficult to 'run the show' and
enter the
user names on the wiki page at the same time. The attention of the
'director' should be on the quality of the mapping during the event and not
to fulfil bureaucratic tasks.

> By the way it would be interesting to know (though very difficult to
> determine) if new mappers starting with individual, non-organized
> mapping have a higher likeliness to become 'hooked' and keep mapping
> than mappers who come in contact with OSM through directed mapping
> efforts.  My gut feeling says that if you come and get started out of
> your own interest you are more likely to stay long term than if you are
> recruited by an organized project.  But this could be a wrong
> impression.

I do not know about a scientific study that captured this. I do agree,
that self-motivation might be the stronger driver. But here in North
America, we still have to spread the word about what OSM is and people
who show up at a mapathon are mostly self-motivated as well.


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