[Osmf-talk] Fwd: Candidacy: OSMF Board

Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Fri Nov 24 12:40:38 UTC 2017

On Friday 24 November 2017, Ben Abelshausen wrote:
> If it truly is the case that only those related to HOT are speaking
> out against this kind of behaviour then I think the OSMF has big
> problems with how it treats it's members.
> I haven't checked who is a member where so I don't know. Why is that
> even the issue? The only thing I was saying is that this kind of way
> of treating others is a step too far. What does my membership
> anywhere else have to do with any of this?


may i suggest you take a minute when replying to people in this 
discussion and read what you reply to carefully to make sure to 
interpret what is written in the way it is meant?

I have been very considerate and calm in this discussion explaining my 
views carefully and as clear as i can and reading what i replied to 
carefully to make sure i correctly understand everyone - despite being 
more than once interpreted in a distorting way by others (like by you 

The statements and questions from you i cited above are clearly 
suggestive and full with implications but without expressively stating 
an opinion others can reply to.  If you read my mail carefully you will 
see the questions you formulated are actually answered in there from my 
perspective.  You could reply to what i wrote arguing the points i make 
and try to convince me to change my mind but you choose not to.

IMO it is much more this style of communication that leads to a 
difficult and non-productive atmosphere here than the singular 
unfriendly mail by Severin that triggered the whole thing.

Christoph Hormann

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