[Osmf-talk] DWG survey on organized editing

Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Sun Oct 8 09:13:00 UTC 2017

On Sunday 08 October 2017, Manfred A. Reiter wrote:
> Hi Allan, *,
> One of my biggest reservations is the fact that the survey is being
> conducted in English only.

Yes, this is a problem i saw as well - but nothing that can practically 
be fixed without creating a whole bunch of new problems and without 
making the survey a much bigger project.  Any translation of specific 
questions without changing the meaning is somewhere between very hard 
and impossible.

I would suggest to simply treat this survey as a slightly better way to 
gauge viewpoints than through tagging proposals and RFCs on the mailing 
lists.  There you usually get maybe two dozen opinions highly selective 
and very prone to influence.  With a survey like this we can hope to 
get opinions from - i hope - at least a few hundred participants in a 
more balanced form.  Yes, this is still highly selective but as long as 
you are aware of that (and there are also questions to gauge how 
selective participation is) it is still helpful.

And during discussion of drafts of a policy the DWG might put up for 
discussion it would certainly be a good idea to specifically reach out 
to the local communities to discuss this among themselves and then 
bring the results of this discussion into the mix.

Christoph Hormann

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