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Before we go too far down the usual way discussions in OSM go (we have a tendency to get pretty argumentative and tire each other out), wanted to draw out where I see agreement in the survey and comments so far.
   - The survey is only a data point in a longer process — it’s not a guideline or policy in itself
   - No survey is perfect
   - Words are hard
   - The OSM community does not yet represent all geographies, genders, languages, backgrounds etc. This is a hard challenge for us.
   - Good communication is very important to all of us
   - Distinctions between different parts of our community are important to consider, but not hard lines or always helpful
   - “organised mapping efforts are an integral part of today's OSM contribution landscape and, when done well, help make OSM better and more widely known.”
   - There’s a lot to do in OSM and OSMF, and only so little time and energy

On the Board, we certainly represent differences of opinions. What’s been very encouraging in our time together has been success at finding and focusing on common ground, recognizing and organizing for our common hopes for OSM. Like any society, there are differences of opinion and community dynamics which will never resolve. What I hope to see more of is a collective recognition, management and responsibility of our common ideas, and our disagreements, and more energy put into efforts that produce tangible results and progress for the map we love. 

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    On Tuesday, October 17, 2017, 8:27:38 PM EDT, Frederik Ramm <frederik at remote.org> wrote:  

the results are in!


Thank you everyone who participated.


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