[Osmf-talk] Treasurer's Report for the 2018 AGM

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Thu Dec 13 17:20:05 UTC 2018

Am 13.12.2018 um 16:41 schrieb Christoph Hormann:
> .....
> And IIRC in the past the OSMF also received pro bono professional legal 
> advise in various cases - could you detail how this is in 2018 and how 
> this compares to the previous years.  I am asking this in particular 
> because while many of the other expenses are relatively stable the 
> legal fees are a position that seems to vary strongly from year to 
> year.

Jumping in here: the major part of the legal expenses are government
fees and/or costs for correspondence lawyers for trademark related
activities. We do get discounts on the direct fees by the company that
we use for this, but as said for the major part we don't have a big
choice. This is the same as in previous years, the major costs are in
2018 are due to us filing an opposition to attempted registrations twice
this year and address change related actions, details in the LWG
minutes.  I do intend to budget more for this specific aspect in 2019,
outside of that we are still waiting for a number of trademark
registrations to complete which may cause additional costs next year.

As have been reported elsewhere, yes did receive pro-bono advice from
two separate entities on GDPR related subjects in 2018, these however
have not been considered something that needs to be accounted for (this
is a slightly complicated matter that in the end is up to the board and
the treasurer to decide).


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