[Osmf-talk] Humanitarian work (was: 2018 a third episode...)

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Sun Dec 23 10:07:48 UTC 2018

On 23.12.2018 02:28, Blake Girardot wrote:
> ..
> Why would you ask me and why would you ask on the OSMF Talk email list?

Because you more or less invited public scrutiny of your filing?

And because how large HOTs (Inc US) realm of influence actually is, is
very much on topic in a discussion on HOTs influence in and on the OSMF.

And the relationship between HOT and its non-existent subsidiaries has
been puzzling for a long timeĀ  (as said this is not the first time I've
had questions about it).

> There are ways of finding out information if that is your goal, that
> do not involve grandstanding and "gotcha" type questions.
> I suggest starting with asking the person most likely to be able to
> authoritatively answer, Tyler Radford, Executive Director of HOT,
> tyler.radford at hotoms.org.
Tyler wasn't brandishing the HOT 990.


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