[Osmf-talk] Forum sections without moderators assigned

Hrvoje Bogner hbogner at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 08:49:41 UTC 2018

Hi Michael

Is there any reason why I'm singled out for croatia, and none of the 
other counties have users specified?

Just curious.

BTW, we in OSM Croatia team were talking about forum. There is not many 
of us and having too many channels to communicate is more of a problem, 
we sometimes miss new member questions because nobody checks that 
channel for some time.

We were talking about making the forum section read only, and create a 
sticky post directing users to other channels, but no one had the 
required privileges, with your thread we may revisit our idea.

Hrvoje bogner, aka hbogner

On 18.03.2018 12:35, Michael Reichert wrote:
> ...
> users: Colombia (4 threads, 6 postings) – active from December 2016 to
> November 2017
> users: Croatia (72 threads, 238 postings) – many threads started by
> hbogner, a few postings per year
> users: Cuba (8 threads, 19 postings) – zero to five postings per year
> ...

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