[Osmf-talk] Voting "recommendations" by employers (straw poll)

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Nov 2 10:54:00 UTC 2018


On 02.11.2018 10:49, Simon Poole wrote:
> It was always clear, even before we "fixed" the issues with OSMF
> membership back in 2013, that the system could be gamed

My point is a bit more fundamental. You seem to assume that if an
employer suggests tho their employees which votes to cast then that
constitutes "gaming the system" and is undesirable.

But have we ever explicitly said that?

And if we haven't - perhaps instead of sulking, or being outraged, we
should simply say it?

I think we are expecting too much from a business when we somehow hope
that they will do the thing that we believe is "morally right" but we
don't even spell that out.

Whether our expectations are fulfilled or ignored, is another matter,
but if we don't even say clearly what we expect, we can hardly complain,
can we?


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