[Osmf-talk] Next OSMF board meeting this Thursday, 15th of November, at 21:00 London time

Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Thu Nov 15 13:25:42 UTC 2018

Thanks Peter for the additional info.

> Luckily we have a great chair who put everyone's mind at ease and
> made a suggestion to go forward. The outcome is, that we'll start
> with a short private meeting to interview Heather and Frederik wrt
> CoI. As for Michael's question: It might be possible that the
> interview touches private interests like customers or an NDA or
> whatever. Perhaps the private part is unneeded, but who knows. It's
> more or less a precaution.

Ok, that's understandable to me.  I would assume then the closed part of 
the meeting can be limited to the interview and the deliberation on the 
interview and the question if there is a CoI for the people in question 
concerning the OEG matter.  It should be possible to have the 
discussion and decision on what consequences this has regarding 
participation in further discussion and votes in public.

I suggest this in particular since as you know in the questions for the 
candidates in the upcoming election the matter of conflicts of interest 
and how these should be dealt with practically plays a significant role 
and i think it would be useful to have any discussion of the current 
board about general procedure (e.g. what consequences a CoI has in 
practical work of the board) in public so both candidates and members 
have a relatively complete picture of the current situation.

Christoph Hormann

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