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Heather Leson heatherleson at gmail.com
Sun Nov 25 15:17:52 UTC 2018

HI Folks

Translation for those that need it:

*Something that I never stop being amazed at is which Of course, some
people not only value judgments about the How others express and
communicate but in no way at all to these other people at the same timeto
have their own cultural and moral values and to communicate.Have you ever
thought about how negative yours Communication style is perceived by others
and how destructive the other yes, quite obvious complete refusal of one
objectively-argumentative examination of the subjects of others You work on
the healthy dialogue?Friendliness is not just a question of choice of words
and the Formulation, but is also expressed by being onothers approach and
deal with their views - especially when they are fundamentally different
from their own. Theand not the abandonment or suppression of one's own
attitude in favor A superficial harmony is what I mean by a healthy one
Understand dialogue."Have you reflected on this yourself regarding for
example the comments you make that "members are members" etc.?  Do you
think you are being inclusive for local hobby craft mappers all over the
world with that?"*

Christoph, I am very much permitted to have a different view point and
communication style than you. As I am also free to have a different vision
on what I see is the wider community of OSM and the future of OSM. That
does not undervalue any member. That is not my intention. Instead, I would
like for OSM and OSMF to be open to a future that includes different
viewpoints, different voices, and yes, even, different reasons to join OSM.
All we can do is try to meet each other half way.

I realize that your passion for OSM drives you to constantly post and
express your opinion. Your contribution is well known. I appreciate this.
Even if I don't respond or agree, I can respect your right to be you and to
post.  Considering my notes as potentially 'destructive'  or 'negative' is
giving me pause. I am a volunteer. This email post was about "etiquette".
Instead of drinking my tea and reading my work article, I am responding to
you. I often read the posts, but don't respond. Why - because every single
item I ever post results in a constant dissection. In order for me to
respond, I spend time trying to find a way to say things in a clear manner.

Someone did tell me that I am too kind and too nice in OSM. Is it
destructive/negative to not weigh my words, my energy, my time, my voice
and all the nuances /foibles of OSM's community before posting anything? I
often step back and self-censor because it is exhausting to try. But, I
also think that when we talk about communication styles and etiquette, it
seems to me that my (now) cold tea is better than not trying to find a way.
What I find very sad is that these back/forth items on just trying to be
part of the community can push people away.

You are always welcome to post in which ever language you choose. As long
as you forgive me for using google translate to seek a common language.


Heather Leson
heatherleson at gmail.com
Twitter/skype: HeatherLeson
Blog: textontechs.com

On Sun, Nov 25, 2018 at 3:15 PM Christoph Hormann <chris_hormann at gmx.de>

> On Sunday 25 November 2018, Heather Leson wrote:
> >
> > What I find most perplexing on the mailing list and in some diary
> > post comments, is the tone. Often people have told me that they avoid
> > OSM communication channels simply because of the negative tone. While
> > this is not always the case, when it does go 'off' it is simply
> > confounding. How can OSM grow and support our working groups and
> > activities, if we cannot encourage healthy dialogue?
> Etwas, worüber ich niemals aufhöre erstaunt zu sein ist mit welcher
> Selbstverständlichkeit manche Leute sich nicht nur Werturteile über die
> Art und Weise, wie andere sich ausdrücken und kommunizieren, erlauben,
> sondern auch diesen anderen Leuten gleichzeitig in keinerlei Weise
> zubilligen, ihre eigenen kulturellen und moralischen Werte zu haben und
> zu kommunizieren.
> Hast Du Dir schon mal Gedanken darüber gemacht, wie negativ Dein
> Kommunikationsstil von anderen aufgefasst wird und wie destruktiv die
> ja recht offensichtliche Komplettverweigerung gegenüber einer
> sachlich-argumentativen Auseinandersetzung mit den Themen Anderer bei
> Dir auf den gesunden Dialog wirkt?
> Freundlichkeit ist nicht nur eine Frage der Wortwahl und der
> Formulierung, sondern wird auch dadurch ausgedrückt, dass man auf
> andere zugeht und sich mit deren Sichtweisen auseinandersetzt - gerade
> dann, wenn sich diese fundamental von den eigenen unterscheiden.  Das
> und nicht die Aufgabe oder Unterdrückung der eigenen Haltung zugunsten
> einer oberflächlichen Harmonie ist das, was ich unter einem gesunden
> Dialog verstehe.
> (i deliberately switched to German here to demonstrate that you can't
> take the home court advantage of the inherent dominance of
> British/Angloamerican cultural values in English discussion as granted)
> > Before posting something maybe ask yourself - Does this build
> > collaboration? Will I be inclusive? Will it inspire to get involved
> > more?
> Have you reflected on this yourself regarding for example the comments
> you make that "members are members" etc.?  Do you think you are being
> inclusive for local hobby craft mappers all over the world with that?
> --
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