[Osmf-talk] Did GlobalLogic just admit guilt?

Rory McCann rory at technomancy.org
Fri Apr 5 14:53:51 UTC 2019

Hello fellow members,

In the February 2019 OSMF board meeting, there was an interesting item.
GlobalLogic has "offered to withdraw the 100 OSMF signups", which the
board obviously accepted.[1]

But, GlobalLogic is only able to "withdraw the 100 members" if they
control those OSMF members, right? So does that mean that those members
didn't join voluntarily, and were always under the direction of the
company? i.e. Has GlobalLogic admitted that those 100 sign-ups weren't
real members, that they tried to "buy"/control 100 votes?

If these members are voluntary members, then the Foundation must not
cancel someone's membership just because their employer asked.

And I think this now directly contradict the only public statement from
GlobalLogic on this matter?[2]



[2] "We have always encouraged our team members to participate in OSM 
community activities and happy to announce 100+ members from our team 
got registered voluntarily for OSMF" Macharla Sriraghavendra 3 Dec 2018 

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