[Osmf-talk] Access to documentation of the decisions of the face-to-face meeting

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Aug 7 13:47:37 UTC 2019


On 07.08.19 15:25, Christoph Hormann wrote:
> No one in the meeting hinted in any way that the face-to-face meeting
> might not have been a board meeting according to the AoA!

It was generally my assumption that the face-to-face meeting was not a
board meeting according to the AoA.

> If the board wants to keep the
> results of their meeting secret from the members until formal decisions
> by declaring the meeting a non-meeting i think they should have the
> guts to openly state this to the members.

The "results" of these meetings tend to be a bit spongy. We talked about
something and everybody got a sense of what the mood was. That is a
"result" but not really one that lends itself well to documenting. I
think the blog post was not deliberately trying to keep things "secret",
it was saying the things that were solid enough to be said.

Many of the sessions at these meetings are relatively loose and they do
not end in a vote on something. The most frequent end product is a flip
chart with lots of notes posted to it in different hand writings. If you
were at the meeting you will know that the post it that said "nuclear
option" meant one thing and the post it that said "pink unicorns" meant
another thing but if your see a photo or a transcript you won't
necessarily know any of this, or which one was serious and which one was
applied half-jokingly and not taken serious by anyone. It's not that we
desperately need to keep this "secret", but it's not really useful and
will only lead to a ton of questions about irrelevant bits.

Hence the effort to write down the gist of the F2F in a blog post.


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