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Nuno Caldeira nunocapelocaldeira at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 18:41:22 UTC 2019

Hi i was one of the candidates for the board that signed the letter 
expressing my concern about this "massive signup".

One question, *not a single* one of these, recently called *100 "humans" 
expressed concern, doubts or showed any sign of not being able to vote*? 
100, not 10, 100 that did not express themselves about not being able to 
vote. Lets me think that people in India are very shy indeed. Lucky we 
got 900 members and those "100 humans" were just 1/10 of the members. We 
must be doing a great job at promotion to get new members with that rush 
sign up.

To me its quite clear what happened and measurements must be taken so it 
wont happen ever again. To be honest it might already be happening with 
"silent"/"dormant" members on OSMF for future decisions.

Independence, impartially and autonomy ,must be one of the core values 
of OSMF. Or we might end up being a dept of role players that use OSM 
open data without attribution for their own intends.

Às 16:33 de 04/02/2019, Michael Reichert escreveu:
> Hi,
> Am 04/02/2019 um 00.59 schrieb Rihards:
>> Perhaps we should reach out to the individuals to assure them of OSM
>> community welcoming them as individuals no matter what, and offering an
>> anonymous channel to share information on how the company, or
>> individuals there, coerced them.
> Didn't MWG do that already? See pages 15–17 for the outreach to the .IN
> and .FR group.
> MWG wrote on page 20 of their report:
>> We understand from various sources that the company privately raised
>> the issue of being allowed to vote with the board several times​. The
>> issue was also raised privately by GlobalLogic employees in
>> conversations with MWG. Anecdotally, this has barely, if at all, come
>> up in casual personal conversations with friends who were also cut
>> off.
> This reads as if at least one GlobalLogic employee had contact with MWG
> beyond the reach out described on pp. 15–17.
> Best regards
> Michael
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