[Osmf-talk] Don't blame employees | Re: voting fraud

Rory McCann rory at technomancy.org
Wed Feb 6 15:58:46 UTC 2019

Hi fellow partners in crime,

On 05/02/2019 01:46, Guillaume Rischard wrote:
> There is indeed no claim or evidence that every individual employee had 
> bad faith or sinister motives.
If (*IF*) you think GlobalLogic told employees to sign up (and wanted to 
tell them how to act/vote in OSMF) then (IMO) it's not right to blame 
these individuals.

(IMO) You shouldn't claim they are are being sinster, or honest, or 
saints, or evil. They are contractually bound to follow their boss' 
orders (within some limits obv). The only intent the employees have is 
to keep their jobs, and who can blame them for that! It doesn't matter 
if they are all saints or sinner, they gotta pay rent and eat, so 
they'll follow orders.

*IF* you think this is happening, then (IMO) your ire should be directed 
to whoever is telling those people what to do. The manager(s) who (may 
have) told them to sign up. You shouldn't treat these new members as 
individuals who are free to act, since they might not be.

BTW (unless I'm mistaken) Global Logic haven't made any public statement 
to us on this? C'mon guys, you're a company of 13,000+. You can afford 
to send an email to a mailing list! *IF* you're totally innocent, then a 
statement on the record would certainly help your case.


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