[Osmf-talk] Sometimes you do ban people (& GG) | Re: Board response: Disputed Area Policy (Crimea request)

Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Fri Feb 8 11:07:56 UTC 2019

On Friday 08 February 2019, Rory McCann wrote:
> >First note that if you exclude certain voices from articulating
> > their views in certain venues you don't reduce strife, you just
> > make it less visible from an inside perspective.
> If I were to send 100 email messages a day to an OSM mailing list
> calling all OSM contributors liars, from many different email
> addresses, are you saying I shouldn't be banned from those mailing
> lists? If I come to SotM with a loud speaker and shout and rant
> during every talk about how the speaker is a liar, should I be
> allowed to continue? Or ejected from the venue?

I think you misunderstood my statement - it was not a statement against 
blocking people on communication channels.  As you know i am critical 
of that but that was not my point here.  My point was that *if* you 
block prople that does not actually reduce strife, it just makes it 
less visible from a certain perspective.

> There are cases where there is conflict, and the person making the
> fuss is wrong. [...]

Well - the obvious question as always is who decides on who is wrong?  
Especially if you have no on-the-ground rule serving as an universal 
grounding point for the community.

Christoph Hormann

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