[Osmf-talk] Board statement - Membership Working Group report on unusual signups before OSMF election

Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Wed Jan 30 17:04:06 UTC 2019

On Wednesday 30 January 2019, Steve Friedl wrote:
> The membership working group said often that we preferred the board
> to endorse and release this report itself rather than have it come
> from a working group, but we did not wish for undue delay.
> MWG had aggressive timelines for release, we believe transparency
> required this, and it's likely the board felt more time pressure than
> they were comfortable with, especially considering the extended
> holiday break and with other things on their hotplate.
> I would be surprised if there were anything approaching agreement on
> what constitutes "undue" delay.

And i applaud the MWGs clear and diligent approach on the matter.  
Although this AFAIK has never been publicly stated directly so far it 
is clear from the timing and the board statements that the board was 
aware that the MWG had the firm intention of releasing their report 
independent of what the board decides and one month after sending it to 
the board is a reasonable time frame for that in my eyes - even with 
the holidays in between.

The board is obviously free to decide if they endorse the report or just 
acknowledge it and to not be pressured to deciding this by others.  But 
deciding to release and/or endorse it from the board but making this 
contingent on the MWG not releasing it on their own first (this is how 
i understood Frederik's remark) seems odd when they were aware that the 
MWG has a firm plan for release.

Christoph Hormann

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