[Osmf-talk] New idea: Invite a LC to speak at each OSMF Board meeting

Craig Allan allan at iafrica.com
Tue Apr 7 16:23:19 UTC 2020

In response to Rory:

I agree with Andy, Ben, Heikki.  It is good to sample the activities of 
the Local Chapters.
I also agree with Michael; the limited bandwidth of the meetings is a 
Not so worried about Christoph's LC selection problems - I think it will 
work out fine.

Yes, let it be tried - in Mumble meetings preferably.
I suggest running a 15 minute slot in the same Mumble venue after the 
formal meeting closes, and we'll see who stays to listen.
If it fails, so be it.

Craig Allan

On 2020/04/07 09:45, Andy Allan ...
> But mainly, I'm going to say the board should try it, since I don't
> think it's helpful if we judge something as of no benefit before we've
> even tried it.

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