[Osmf-talk] Summary Report on OSMF Chair's Outreach Jan-early Apr 2020

Allan Mustard allan at mustard.net
Sat Apr 18 16:13:41 UTC 2020

Fellow mappers and OSM community members,

I've posted a summary report on my outreach as OSMF board chair since
January to various stakeholders in the OSM community to my diary at

The opening paragraph reads as follows:

> Shortly after the new year began, the OSM Foundation chair started
> contacting members of the OSM community writ large to collect
> information on the state of the community and project, and to assess
> attitudes toward the Board’s work. Most conversations were
> confidential in order to ensure that respondents would speak openly,
> frankly, and honestly (and it is the chair’s sense that virtually all
> of them did, and in fact some of them were quite brutally frank about
> the Board’s perceived shortcomings). Thus, this report will not detail
> “who said what”. It will, rather, tend more to aggregate viewpoints
> expressed during the conversations, with illustrative but unattributed
> quotes.
My thanks to all respondents to date, and thanks in advance to those I
will contact in the future as this outreach effort continues.

Allan Mustard

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