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Joost Schouppe joost at osmfoundation.org
Mon Apr 20 18:47:26 UTC 2020

Hi Michael, Allan,

I haven't heard from others having the same issue. I think 2) is the first
thing to try here!
It's a bit hidden:
- once you're in the conference, you have three dots in the top right of
the screen
- there you have a "settings" button
- it opens in "application" (here you can change the language of the
interface BTW), but you should change that to "data savings", where you
have two limiting options

I can send you an invite to the next meeting I have on BBB if you want to
try it out.


On Fri, Apr 17, 2020 at 11:07 PM Allan Mustard <allan at mustard.net> wrote:

> Michael,
> A few questions:
> 1) Were sound interruptions consistent across speakers?  You wrote "some
> people"--were the same speakers affected, or did it vary by speaker?  If
> so, which speakers?  We would like to troubleshoot this.
> 2) BBB has low-bandwidth options at the client level, for shutting off the
> video feed, for example.  We may want to experiment with that as well.
> 3) My connection was fine, and I detected no interruptions.  I used my HP
> Omen notebook, Chrome, and a Verizon broadband connection over wifi
> including a range extender.
> The BBB documentation (
> https://docs.bigbluebutton.org/support/faq.html#how-many-simultaneous-users-can-bigbluebutton-support)
> says a server supports up to 150 participants simultaneously, but no more
> than 100 per session, with some caveats related to how many are sending
> video.  We had about 30 on a single session, of whom only 7 board members
> and a few intermittent guests were sending video.  Thus we should not have
> been anywhere near the outer limits of BBB's capacity.
> I was first introduced to BBB by OSM India, which used it for my
> videoconference with about 20 OSM India members.  It was very smooth, with
> no problems, which really impressed me given my experience of three years
> in New Delhi dealing with the slow and flaky local DSL connection.
> Would you be interested in helping troubleshoot this?
> cheers,
> apm
> On 4/17/2020 1:33 PM, Michael Reichert wrote:
> Hi,
> I joined the board meeting which took place via BigBlueButton (BBB)
> today. It was my first time using BBB at all. In the past I have been
> using Jitsi a few time at Geofabrik at our own, password protected
> instance with up to 5 participants and about 10 users on a different
> non-public instance.
> I did not observe video issues during the board meeting as I am used to
> with Jitsi. This means, there were no users forced to reconnect because
> they saw frozen video streams only (but sound still working and others
> still seeing normal video streams).
> However, I observed audio issues with BBB. They impaired my ability to
> understand some people heavily. If my English were not as good as it is
> now, I would not have been able to understand them at all. The sound by
> some people was interrupted for fractions of a second almost every
> second making following them very difficult. I observed the issues with
> almost any board member but not all the time.
> I changed my connection from wifi [1] to LAN to exclude any radio
> related issues but it did not resolve the problem. My notebook was not
> at 100% CPU. I was using Firefox and a Deutsche Telekom VDSL 50 MBit [2]
> as single user in the house.
> I have not observed these issues with Mumble for the last few years.
> There had been issues with single Mumble users during a conference but,
> as said, they were limited to single users only. I presume that the
> presence of video streams needing to be transmitted to the recipients
> takes to much bandwith and, in contrast to Jitsi, audio is not
> prioritised although it being way more important for understanding than
> a smoothly moving image. However, I have no proofs for that theory and
> the used BBB instance being overloaded or its network connectivity could
> be another potential reason.
> Did anyone else have similar issues?
> Best regards
> Michael
> [1] Detached house, not a large apartment building. ;-)
> [2] AS3320 is known for its bad peering policy. This can contribute to
> issues.
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