[Osmf-talk] Toward resolution of controversies related to iD

Paul Norman paul.norman at osmfoundation.org
Tue Jun 9 01:14:22 UTC 2020

iD has opted into this process. As noted in the document, other software 
projects could opt in if they choose. It's the role of the OSMF to 
support these projects by offering this option. The OSMF doesn't control 

On 2020-06-08 11:21 a.m., Clifford Snow wrote:
> My apologies, I sent my last message before barely even getting 
> started. Let me start again.
> Allan,
> Thanks for asking the community for input on these issues.
> I'm curious why the Foundation decided to focus just on the iD editor. 
> Is there a reason why the Foundation doesn't feel that similar 
> projects should have the same governance? I do applaud the 
> consideration of creating a body to adjudicate disputes with software 
> projects. Does such a body suggest that the Foundation will enter into 
> agreements, much like the Local Chapters agreement with all 
> developers? Where this agreement stipulates the rights and 
> responsibilities of each organization and individual?
> In the document, it states /OSMF recommends iD hold a quarterly (or 
> so) video meeting with iD stakeholders. /Who are those stakeholders?  
> Again, why is this limited to just iD developers?
> The next section asking iD developers to improve clarity of decision 
> making and communication. Again, why is this just limited to iD 
> developers.
> Lastly, the final paragraph recommends iD document how its Code of 
> Conduct is handled. I would strongly suggest rewording that to 
> describe how the Foundation will implement a Code of Conduct that 
> covers all elements of OpenStreetMap including developers, mailing 
> lists, in person and video meetings. Today when anyone asks, they are 
> pointed to the Foundation's etiquette guidelines. But exactly as was 
> pointed out with iD, where is the reporting process for the 
> Foundations etiquette guidelines?  I strongly urge the Foundation to 
> use this time to correct this shortcoming and to formally implement a 
> Code of Conduct process.
> As a member of the OSM US Code of Conduct committee, I would like to 
> clarify that we are not a private committee. Our names are published 
> on the wiki [1].
> [1] https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/United_States
> Respectfully,
> Clifford Snow
> On Fri, Jun 5, 2020 at 2:47 PM Allan Mustard <allan at mustard.net 
> <mailto:allan at mustard.net>> wrote:
>     Dear OSMF Members,
>     Please find attached a request for comment on possible approaches
>     to resolving controversies related to upgrades to and
>     modifications of the iD editor.  Please send back any responses
>     via this mailing list.
>     Thank you.
>     Allan Mustard
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