[Osmf-talk] Proposed v2 of the Local Chapters Agreement, hopefully leading to OSMUS as a LC

Tadeusz Cantwell t4dc4n at gmail.com
Wed Jun 24 00:05:59 UTC 2020

Questions like that become relevant now that you're essentially making
> the agreement un-stoppable. In the past I would have said, these things
> do not require regulation because if it should come to the hypothetical
> point where a local chapter out-performed even the OSMF in marketing and
> fundraising, we could always have said "hey, dear local chapter, you're
> eating up our revenue stream, please stop" and if they don't, we could
> cancel the agreement. With an essentially un-stoppable agreement, I
> think we need to put more thought into finely documenting all the things
> we do not want a local chapter to be doing.
> This, I presume, is covered by each Chapters constitution, approved by the
OSMF, to operate as some form of not for profit and plough any profits back
into the work done by the chapter, as per the countries tax laws?  Do all
chapters need to file financial paperwork with their respective tax
authorities as well and can be viewed if concerns were raised.

> I would also like to make clear that the rights to use the OSM
> trademarks apply only to the region the chapter is registered for. I
> would not want a local chapter in one country starting to open
> "OpenStreetMap outreach offices" in lots of other countries. I think the
> agreement does not currently forbid that.
> I get that you are saying "...apply only to the region the chapter is
registered for", but for the sake of pedantry, OSM Ireland operates on the
island of Ireland, incl. Northern Ireland, so any such rule would have to
clearly state region/countries to avoid a contradiction with our
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