[Osmf-talk] OSMF Board mid-month video chats

Allan Mustard allan at mustard.net
Sun May 17 18:54:18 UTC 2020

OSMF Members,

The Board was so pleased with the “screen-to-screen” face time during
our virtual retreat in March that we decided to experiment in April with
a regular board meeting using video conference software. We tried Big
Blue Button, an open-source solution hosted by cloud68. That was pretty
successful, though a few observers complained of audio problems. We
decided to follow up with an unscheduled mid-month video chat. On one
hand, we wanted to test the software some more. On the other, we wanted
to update each other on what Board business we’re working on – no
decisions, just “where are we on this, and do you need help with it?”

The May mid-month meeting ran 45 minutes. On the technical side, the
meeting was flawless – both audio and video were clear, and the
connections were solid. On the business side, we discovered that a
mid-month status update was useful.

It was so useful that we will now hold regular mid-month status updates
using Big Blue Button. These video chats are only for status updates on
action items that board members are working on, a purpose for which we
have mostly used board-internal emails and IRC in the past. We only take
decisions at board meetings (and by circular, formally confirmed in
board meetings). These chats aren’t proper board meetings, so we will
not make board decisions there. They also lack other trappings of board
meetings: We will not have an agenda, just a list of issues on which one
or more of us want a status update from the Board member(s) working on them.

We will not invite outside observers to these mid-month video
conferences. However, to increase board transparency, we will publish
summaries of them. We will also continue to do our best to keep the
public action items list (which is part of our board meetings’ minutes)

We encourage you to tune in to our regular monthly meetings, where we
debate topics and take decisions. Those meetings also use Big Blue
Button, and we will publish the link.

We also invite any OSM groups to get in touch if they would like to use
our Big Blue Button server.


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