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Hi Roland,

I forwarded your questions to the local team, here are some replies:

Now we have 13 regular and 2 registered members (one of them is company)

* How many have been denied?
Until now change from registered to regular member was only
We accepted everyone who was interested in changing type of membership.
However, some people are no longer members of the association. (ended
Actual registered members.
First one is (was, I may ask again if this persists) ok with registered
membership. He see membership as support. (membership fee is not taxed)
For second member 2 years end now (end of this month I think) I've already
talked to them informally about it. But I will once again send them
(official in quotes, because it's just an email.) information that they can
become regular member.
I always try to remind members that 2 years has passed and it is possible
send request to change the membership.

* How many have been fast-tracked (shorter than the two years)?
I remember one person (+- 2 years back). But I think there were some more
before I became member of board.

* How does the timing relate to the general assembly
General assembly is usually in autumn and with this low number of members,
can say there is no mass admission.
But I'm sure some people must have sent application after the general
assembly, because we try to make program for non-members to inform them
OSM. We combine mapping party for everyone and general assembly for members.

* Is there a legal requirement or legal tradition in Slovakia...
I have said in the past, it's not requirement or tradition. Some
have two types of membership (with and without voting) and it is up to
association how they write articles association. I'm not aware of about

And, we have already considered changing, part III. 2. b).
>From board voting about change of membership to just member send request to
change, and board just reply OK. From this date membership type changed.

On Mon, Nov 23, 2020 at 10:18 AM Joost Schouppe <joost at osmfoundation.org>

> Hi Roland,
> We in the Board had similar concerns and asked a few questions on the
> topic. Info here is from March 2020.
> * What's the current membership count? (“~10 (2018 data)”). How many
> people are "voting members"? How many people are going to "gradate" to
> voting members over the next year or so? Do you usually apply this method
> or are members usually integrated sooner by board decision?
> *> membership count oscilates around 10-15 members with voting rights
> and2-3 registered members (some of them should become regular members,
> butthe overall number is still low). we struggle to get more members, butso
> are other NGOs (wikimedia, other open source initiatives)*
> * Is this "delayed voting rights" common in Slovak organisations?
> *registered and full members difference is not regular, but also not
> uncommon.*
> * Is there a specific threat of take over you are worried about, or is
> this more "just a precaution"?
> *other features (like that GA must be in Slovakia) also comefrom bad
> experiences from other organizations. since there are onlya handfull of
> members, it's mainly a precaution.*
> I'll suggest to the Freemap people to chime in here directly.
> Best,
> Joost
> On Mon, Nov 23, 2020 at 7:34 AM Roland Olbricht via osmf-talk <
> osmf-talk at openstreetmap.org> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I appreciate the effort put into growing the number of local chapters.
>> But in this case the translation of the AoA gives rise for questions:
>> (1)(b):
>> "Any natural or legal person who, for at least two years, has
>> contributed to the achievement of the objectives of the association as a
>> registered member, may become a regular member of the association. For
>> reasons of particular interest, the Board of Directors may decide to be
>> admitted as a full member also in the case of a person who does not
>> fulfill the two-year terms of support of the objectives of the
>> association under the previous sentence. A regular member has the right
>> to vote at a general meeting."
>> and
>> (2)(b)
>> "The Board of Directors decides on the admission of a regular member on
>> the basis of a written application by an overwhelming majority of all
>> members of the Board of Directors."
>> This can be read as: the Board decides who is allowed to elect the next
>> board.
>> This is not the conecpt of open membership we require for local
>> chapters. However, we have seen AoA with such clauses in various
>> flavours in many local chapters. Could you provide us with numbers,
>> please:
>> - How many members have been admitted as regular members?
>> - How many have been denied?
>> - How many have been fast-tracked (shorter than the two years)?
>> - How does the timing relate to the general assembly (i.e. mass
>> admission shortly before or shortly too late for the general assembly)?
>> - Is there a legal requirement or legal tradition in Slovakia that could
>> explain the choice of process?
>> Best regards,
>> Roland
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