[Osmf-talk] Freemap Slovakia Local Chapter application

Roland Olbricht roland.olbricht at gmx.de
Fri Nov 27 21:22:49 UTC 2020

Hi Joost,

> I forwarded your questions to the local team, here are some replies:

Thank you very much. The figures reassure that it is in no way an actual

> And, we have already considered changing, part III. 2. b).
>  From board voting about change of membership to just member send
> request to
> change, and board just reply OK. From this date membership type changed.

I would appreciate this very much. The device to deny membership is in
both directions a dangerous tool, and most other local chapters as well
as the OSMF itself had all in all worked well with voting rights by
default but veto rights for the board within a well-calibrated time limit.

At Rory:
I'm sorry for being imprecise. I do not condemn the mechnaism that
interested people can under some circumstances denied membership. But it
is, amonst other things, too dangerous to wave through just any variant.

Think of cars: Few people would entirely ban the technology, but
unconstrained speeding is not an option either. One needs to determine
speed limits (and various other safeguards) for every newly built road.

Thus, I'm happy if the chapter considers the proposed change of their AoA.

Best regards,


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