[Osmf-talk] The use of Free and Open Source Software in the OpenStreetMap Foundation - FOSS Policy Committee report

Felix Delattre openstreetmap at xama.nu
Fri Jan 29 16:04:09 UTC 2021

Dear all,

The Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Policy Special Committee of the OpenStreetMap Foundation has been asked by the Board of Directors to assess the degree to which Free and/or Open Source Software or Services are being used within the OpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF), the board itself, the different working groups, and committees. Today we presented the inventory we made in the committee to the board in its monthly meeting, and now we want to share it with you as well.

Diary post: https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/xamanu/diary/395615
<https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/xamanu/diary/395615>PDF report: https://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/File:FOSS_policy_special_committee_-_Report_on_FOSS_use_in_OSMF_2021-01.pdf
Raw data sheets: https://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/File:FOSS_policy_special_committee_-_Report_inventory_data_2021-01.ods

Please take a look. Let us know what you think and support each other on the way to a freer and even brighter future :) Thanks to everybody involved!

By the way, we always like to welcome new members to the special committee, just reach out if you are interested in the topic and joining.


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