[Osmf-talk] Seeking feedback and interest in the OSMF Engineering Working Group

Roland Olbricht roland.olbricht at gmx.de
Thu Jul 8 20:38:55 UTC 2021

Hi Simon,

> Looking at this and the board minutes, we would seem to be missing
> some high level guidelines and goals defining what is to be
> acheived, particulary with respect to the website and support for
> contributors.

Thank you for the feedback. I'm not sure what you mean with "high level
goals" here.

The website's forseeable future ought be searched for in the github
issues for the website. I neither have nor intend to have a personal
roadmap for the website. The EWG surely adheres to the "support but not
control" directive.

> Or put differently: what is different about this reboot than the
> numerous ones before that were miserable failures?

Well, people e.g. this list are at least aware that there is a reboot.
I'm since 2011 or so interested in the OSMF and know that there is a
thing like an EWG, but I never heard of an intent to reboot the working
group since then. Thus, I doubt there had been many reboots.

The people that have asked the board to mandate them with an EWG restart
all have long enough experience in OSM to have realistic assumptions.

Please do not underestimate the communication part of the mission. If
OSM wants to grow then there should be communication channels that
respond in a meaningful way. The mailing lists have an audience of
widedy competent technical backgrounds, but it can absolutely happen
that nobody of those competent people bothers to answer a question, and
that is normal operations for a mailing list.

Part of the EWG's mission is at least to forward people that ask for
help to a competent person or discussion venue. I hope you agree that
this both is necessary and does not fall in the board's mission.


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