[Osmf-talk] App damaging OSM data

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Mon Sep 20 21:56:17 UTC 2021

Am Mo., 20. Sept. 2021 um 22:18 Uhr schrieb John Whelan <
jwhelan0112 at gmail.com>:

> I would suggest that relations are complex and it might be better by
> starting to explain just what they are and why they are important to
> mappers.
> Once the understanding is there then it becomes easier to apply pressure
> to avoid damaging them.
> For one I have no idea what they are or what value they are and I've been
> mapping for a good few years.
> Cheerio John

relations are an object type like nodes and ways, but like ways are made of
nodes, relations are made of nodes, ways and other relations, and these
members can (but do not need to) have “roles”.

Relations are a way to model things by using other data, rather than
drawing new things, you reuse existing objects and bring them into relation.

Established applications are for multipolygons, turn restrictions, routes
like bus and hiking routes, and more.

The kind of members, and their roles, depend on the type of relation.

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