[OSRM-talk] Project-OSRM: In need of advice; can offer some commercial support to you/ your projects in return

Emil Tin ZF0F at tmf.kk.dk
Tue Nov 24 14:31:47 UTC 2015

Yes, OSRM can be used for truck routing. You can easily modify the LUA profile, which determines what ways are routable and at what speed, based on OSM tags.

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Emne: [OSRM-talk] Project-OSRM: In need of advice; can offer some commercial support to you/ your projects in return

My name is Bjorn, and I'm the director at a commercial project that needs something like the Open Source Routing Machine with Openstreet Map where you both appear rather active. You can find a little bit about me on linkedin<https://uk.linkedin.com/in/bmadsen> and Multi-Agent Technology<http://www.multiagenttechnology.com/> London.

Question: The most pressing question I have is whether OSRM is suitable for truck/lorry routing in its current state?

I have no need to visualize the map data. Only calculation of the path, length and duration of the route for heavy goods vehicles for planning purposes. This means that I need to check for constraints such as weight, low bridges and width-limitations along the path.

If queries are as quick as on the demo-server for the osrm-project, then time is on our side. In my lack insight, I imagine that this can be done in iterations, where first a path is chosen for cars, which subsequently is inspected for these constraints. If constraints are detected, alternatives will need to by discovered. I'm sure you have better ideas?

I'm also on Google hangout (using this email) if you'd prefer to talk instead of writing longer emails.

Thanks again for getting back to me.

Bjorn Madsen
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Multi-Agent Technology Ltd.
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bm at multiagenttechnology.com<mailto:bm at multiagenttechnology.com>
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Main Office: +44 1438 310 035
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