[OSRM-talk] Project-OSRM: In need of advice; can offer some commercial support to you/ your projects in return

Sander Deryckere sanderd17 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 16:11:26 UTC 2015

2015-11-24 16:07 GMT+01:00 Bjorn Madsen <bm at multiagenttechnology.com>:

> Hi Sander & Emil,
> Thanks for the quick responses. The usage of the lua script is
> particularly useful.
> I completely respect the limitations of the demo server and can offer to
> set up another server to support the project. 20Tb of traffic should help?
> OSRM is open source, so you're completely free to install your own server,
to fit your own needs or anything you want. If you want to support the
community with an extra server, that would be great too.

> I've been following the discussions on the OSM forum and they've discussed
> the quality of the map to a great extend.
> For planning purposes I appreciate that the main source of error is delay
> in updates. To counter that we are planning to use our commercial help-desk
> to collect information from drivers about detours and unrecorded obstacles
> so that OSM can get the updates with less than a days delay. We can also
> track some vehicles, and capture information such as slowdown caused by
> traffic jams, etc. on major roads. Hopefully this can become a valued
> source of information?
> OSM only gathers permanent and verifiable information. And permanent means
that you can expect it to last at least one year after you mapped it. Now,
you can do some more temporary mapping (like setting a highway state to
"construction" if they're doing long works on it). But in general, traffic
jams, temporary obstacles etc don't belong in OSM.

However, OSM is free to mix with other open data, so if anyone takes up the
job to create a database of temporary data, it can be combined with OSM.
Mapbox might indeed be interested in it, but I haven't seen any successful
and open databases like this so far.

> If somebody has a burning interest in accelerating this, then please feel
> free to get in touch for a sponsorship.
> That's the least I can do.
> Kind regards
> Bjorn
> <https://lists.openstreetmap.org/listinfo/osrm-talk>
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