[OSRM-talk] New to OSRM... can I ignore certain turn restrictions but not others?

Daniel Hofmann hofmann at mapbox.com
Sun Jun 26 18:59:09 UTC 2016

The Lua profiles currently only handle restriction exceptions, as in
restriction=*, except=* tag combinations.

The restriction parsing in the backend happens here:

Have a look at the TryParse function: this is where you want to filter for
your specific use-case.

In the long term, maybe a more elegant solution would be to put more of
this logic into the profiles..

Daniel J H

On Sun, Jun 26, 2016 at 8:35 PM, Nathan Wessel <nate.wessel at mail.utoronto.ca
> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've just set up OSRM and am very happy with the results...except for one
> thing. It seems that someone in my city has added quite a few
> 'restriction'='no_right_turn_on_red' relations. It seems that these are
> being interpreted by OSRM as equivalent to 'restriction'='no_right_turn'
> which is the much more common tag. Obviously, that interpretation would not
> be correct and I'm seeing errors where these relations are present.
> Is there a way to completely ignore this particular turn "restriction"
> without ignoring all the others?
> Thanks,
> *Nate Wessel*
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