[OSRM-talk] routing with GPUs or mapD

Bjorn Madsen bm at multiagenttechnology.com
Thu Mar 31 21:50:42 UTC 2016

Brief introduction:
The difference between (1) routing + overlaying congestion data and (2)
routing with congestion data is that the former simply provides a route
which is extended with the delay given by the reduced travel speed inferred
from the congestion (option 1). We can do that easily today.

Routing with congestion data (option 2) requires that the quickest path is
computed based on the congestion currently and the predicted congestion in
the near future. This results in completely different routes as the road
network velocity drops, whereby the fastest route (often) ends up being the
shortest, though junctions with accidents can generate minor detours. The
shift between the two modes of computation, is not linear, so walking the
graph is necessary in most cases. However as the walks could be performed
in concurrent lock-steps, it seems feasible to push such kind of workload
onto GPUs.

I've been looking at mapD for a while and wondered whether it would be the
better alternative solution for routing that may include dynamic congestion
data into the routing process. Is anyone out there working with similar
thoughts - or, on using GPUs in the process?

Kind regards

Bjorn Madsen
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