Removing P1 from the 'Edit' menu

Tom MacWright tom at
Mon Oct 8 14:35:55 BST 2012

+1, though the stock reason for why it is offered (so I've heard) is that
it allows people to undelete objects, I think? Is that the case, or no
longer valid, or something I fever-dreamed up?

On Mon, Oct 8, 2012 at 5:39 AM, Richard Fairhurst <richard at>wrote:

> The current layout of the Edit menu appears, from anecdotal evidence, to
> lead to newbies selecting Potlatch 1 - probably because it's the first item
> on the list.
> There are those who like to use Potlatch 1 for its undelete capabilities
> and because they're used to its workflow, but it's not something we should
> be encouraging. I'd therefore suggest we remove it from the Edit menu;
> those who want to use it can either mung the URL or temporarily set it as
> their preferred editor.
> I think the following patch will do it, but don't have a working Rails
> port so am unable to check:
> cheers
> Richard
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