[openstreetmap-website] Filtering the output of the `map` API endpoint (#124)

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Oct 11 23:45:59 GMT 2012


On 12.10.2012 01:37, Tom MacWright wrote:
> @zerebubuth <https://github.com/zerebubuth> The point of this would be
> to have a read/write API for editors; pulling data from one source and
> pushing to to another unsynchronized source doesn't seem doable to me,
> though I could be wrong.

You most likely are; it is already being done - if only occasionally - 
in JOSM. The viability of this depends on the ratio of the average 
editor session length (time between downloading and uploading the 
changes) and the replication delay. If you have an editor where people 
spend 10 minutes working on data, then who cares whether the data was 
one minute old when initially loaded.

Any editor will have to have to have collision management anyway, and 
collisions will be detected by the API through the version number - so 
things can't break even if your data source should at one point be outdated.


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