[openstreetmap-website] way/:id/full/history (#130)

Matt Amos notifications at github.com
Fri Oct 12 01:25:44 GMT 2012

The queries necessary to generate this output are the same regardless of whether it's done by a sequence of one way/:id/history followed by many node/:id/history calls or a single way/:id/history/full call. The temptation would certainly be to do the node/:id/history calls in parallel, tying up a bunch of backends. To me, it seems preferable to have a single, if expensive, call - and one that we could potentially later optimise, if it becomes a significant drain.

My feeling is that this would be a useful call for editors to have (it is already for P1). For "analysis" type workloads it would be good to have it in a "history server" or jXAPI as well. 

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