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Josh Doe josh at
Wed Oct 17 17:53:07 GMT 2012

On Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 1:20 PM, Andy Allan <gravitystorm at> wrote:
> What I'm concerned about is if we launch this completely publicly, and
> find 10,000 new notes being added per day, it might take a year or two
> to scale the community response and get mappers used to the influx.
> And if we can't cope with the influx, we might earn a poor reputation
> ("I've logged 100 reports with OSM and not a single one is fixed after
> 6 months" or similar).
> On the other hand, perhaps we should just go with it and see what
> happens, rather than worrying too much.

I'd vote for a "private" beta period of at least a month, allowing
access only to registered users. This will help work out wrinkles with
real world usage, and if/when it's launched to anonymous users they
can have a better experience, certainly better than this service being
available to them and then being yanked away suddenly.

As an aside, I'd suggest that notes can be upvoted to help mappers
determine priority (e.g. JOSM plugin can pull notes for an area and
allow sorting on number of votes).


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