[openstreetmap-website] Redesign (#498)

John Firebaugh notifications at github.com
Tue Nov 12 19:45:17 UTC 2013

@sabas Thanks, filed tickets for the issues you mentioned. The images on the background page required captions and model releases; we decided to remove them for this iteration.

@imagico Thanks for the feedback, but we're not planning on changing any of the points you mentioned. The help page will be expanded in the future so I think it makes sense to keep it. The welcome message is intentionally short and to the point; users can click "Learn More" to read more detail about aspects of project such as the license. The content of existing interior pages such as copyright and diaries are intentionally not a part of this iteration. And I think scrolling on the about page is ok; design is about more than cramming the maximum amount of information into the smallest possible space.

@Zverik I think we're going to have to punt on the map jumping issue. This was difficult enough to fix on common browsers and I don't see us having the resources to fix non-fatal bugs on non-Blink versions of Opera (sorry). I filed an issue for the tooltip bug, but it's not a regression so it might not get fixed in this iteration. There are some known bugs around loading indicators; we'll look into the history issue as part of that.

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