[openstreetmap-website] Page titles for search results and editing should be more descriptive (#835)

Minh Nguyễn notifications at github.com
Mon Nov 17 05:45:27 UTC 2014

OpenStreetMap’s homepage says “OpenStreetMap” in the title bar. If I search for something and the results show up, the page title remains “OpenStreetMap”. If I open one of the results in a new tab, that tab also says “OpenStreetMap”. Ditto if I’m editing something in iD or Potlatch in another tab.

It gets hard to tell these tabs apart after awhile. The edit page should say something like “OpenStreetMap | Editing with _iD/Potlatch 2/Potlatch_”. Search results mode should say “OpenStreetMap | Search results for ‘_search terms_’”.

(In case it isn’t clear, I’m talking about the HTML `<title>` tag or the DOM `document.title` property, not OpenStreetMap’s wordmark in the corner.)

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