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Tue Dec 8 20:47:05 UTC 2015

> (getting rid of all the extra search engines for example - they were needed when our data was less complete but not so much now).

We don't need simplistic geocoders like GeoNames. You may remove safely remove it. Not only it is not useful today for a reasons @tomhughes mentioned, but also it cofuses mappers by returning fake or erroneous results from GeoNames database rather than clean and error-free OSM db. I'm not sure if it is applies to implementation details, but idea is the same: OSM>GeoNames is almost any aspect today.

Note that we have 2 geocoders:
openstreetmap.ru since 2012 http://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?id=14295 - Nominatim is THAT bad at Russian language and russian tagging schemes.
gazetteer and 2014 https://github.com/kiselev-dv/gazetteer - may provide superior results compared to Nominatim

3D layer would be nice. Some mappers they cannot use ANY of 4 osm.org layers because "they are flat".

"MapSurfer.net" may work as simple 3D layer (while it may be not fine tuned visually, it's feature-rich)

#### Why do we need features other than "single flat map" for anyone wondering 
POI catalog https://github.com/ErshKUS/osmCatalog is still missing (openstreetmap.ru is 3-4 years ahead of osm.org here). I STILL hear statements "man, OSM is just a map"... I'd rather keep at least one good routing and at least basic POI catalogue so stop people making false statements about OSM.

Think about osm.org as visit card or demo what OSM can do. 

We can highlight some services: we don't need every of 100+ flatmap services but we need a few of them; we don't need every single router, but some of them. Unfortunately not all services can provide quality in every aspect and worldwide coverage/user traffic.

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