[openstreetmap-website] sprite.svg: converted inkscape font info to font-family (#1057)

Holger Jeromin notifications at github.com
Mon Sep 14 14:20:06 UTC 2015

I tested this. Inkscape keeps the existing style when the text itself is not changed. 
When changing the text the message (in the font selector) is "'DejaVu Sans', Sans, sans-serif is invalid for this system" and it will fallback to no font-family entry in the SVG.
Selecting the font "Arial" will result in `font-family:Arial;-inkscape-font-specification:Arial;` and probably on linux to the current `font-family:Sans;-inkscape-font-specification:Sans Bold`.

So the problem is valid if someone is changing the question mark. Yes. But the current style is strange on windows (not tested linux till now):

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