[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Remove fixtures (#1556)

Andy Allan notifications at github.com
Thu Jun 1 10:10:10 UTC 2017

This PR removes the test fixtures, and associated helper methods. It also fixes some tests that were implicitly relying on the test fixtures being in the database.
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-- Commit Summary --

  * Refactor changeset tags model test to remove dependency on fixtures.
  * Use a user factory in order to log in.
  * Create a redaction object before testing the index page lists it.
  * Add ways into the database explicitly, rather than relying on preloaded fixtures.
  * Create nodes explicitly rather than relying on fixtures.
  * Rework the changeset feed tests.
  * Create objects via factories, rather than implicity relying on fixtures.
  * Only use changesets from factories for the test_query changeset controller tests.
  * Refactor the assert_changeset helper to take an array of changesets, instead of ids.
  * Use the user factory to generate login details.
  * Use factories to generate the relations
  * Refactor the user list test to use factory-built users and explicit assertions.
  * Update the user list pagination test to avoid counting users from fixtures.
  * Update amf_controller tests to use a factory-generated user for credentials.
  * create nodes from factories for the api changes test.
  * Rubocop fixes.
  * Remove the api_fixtures helper
  * Remove remaining references to fixtures.
  * Remove test fixtures.

-- File Changes --

    M .rubocop_todo.yml (2)
    M test/controllers/amf_controller_test.rb (25)
    M test/controllers/api_controller_test.rb (18)
    M test/controllers/browse_controller_test.rb (2)
    M test/controllers/changeset_controller_test.rb (120)
    M test/controllers/node_controller_test.rb (22)
    M test/controllers/old_node_controller_test.rb (2)
    M test/controllers/old_relation_controller_test.rb (2)
    M test/controllers/old_way_controller_test.rb (2)
    M test/controllers/redactions_controller_test.rb (4)
    M test/controllers/relation_controller_test.rb (20)
    M test/controllers/search_controller_test.rb (2)
    M test/controllers/site_controller_test.rb (2)
    M test/controllers/swf_controller_test.rb (2)
    M test/controllers/user_blocks_controller_test.rb (2)
    M test/controllers/user_controller_test.rb (30)
    M test/controllers/way_controller_test.rb (19)
    D test/fixtures/changesets.yml (84)
    D test/fixtures/current_nodes.yml (192)
    D test/fixtures/current_relation_members.yml (61)
    D test/fixtures/current_relations.yml (55)
    D test/fixtures/current_way_nodes.yml (44)
    D test/fixtures/current_ways.yml (48)
    D test/fixtures/nodes.yml (234)
    D test/fixtures/redactions.yml (7)
    D test/fixtures/relation_members.yml (103)
    D test/fixtures/relations.yml (99)
    D test/fixtures/user_roles.yml (26)
    D test/fixtures/users.yml (349)
    D test/fixtures/way_nodes.yml (161)
    D test/fixtures/ways.yml (99)
    M test/helpers/browse_helper_test.rb (2)
    M test/integration/client_applications_test.rb (28)
    M test/integration/user_diaries_test.rb (6)
    M test/models/changeset_comment_test.rb (2)
    M test/models/changeset_tag_test.rb (10)
    M test/models/friend_test.rb (6)
    M test/models/message_test.rb (2)
    M test/models/node_tag_test.rb (2)
    M test/models/node_test.rb (2)
    M test/models/note_comment_test.rb (2)
    M test/models/note_test.rb (2)
    M test/models/oauth_nonce_test.rb (2)
    M test/models/old_node_tag_test.rb (2)
    M test/models/old_relation_tag_test.rb (2)
    M test/models/old_relation_test.rb (2)
    M test/models/old_way_tag_test.rb (2)
    M test/models/old_way_test.rb (2)
    M test/models/relation_member_test.rb (5)
    M test/models/relation_tag_test.rb (2)
    M test/models/relation_test.rb (6)
    M test/models/request_token_test.rb (2)
    M test/models/user_test.rb (3)
    M test/models/way_node_test.rb (5)
    M test/models/way_tag_test.rb (2)
    M test/models/way_test.rb (8)
    M test/test_helper.rb (38)

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