[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Improve textarea behaviour (#2464)

Andy Allan notifications at github.com
Wed Dec 18 16:13:26 UTC 2019

gravitystorm requested changes on this pull request.

Thanks @hikemaniac! I'm happy with these changes, because:

* The `resize: vertical` is the default for bootstrap resets, so if they think it's reasonable that's fine with me.
* The border-radius also matches what bootstrap do to text-areas.
* I don't have strong opinions on the min-height aspect of this PR so I'm happy to approve it.

I should note that the border-radius will also be applied to much more than just text-areas, which isn't clear from your description. For example, you can see it on the input fields on the sign in form. However, I think it looks fine there too so I'm happy to do this, after the other requested changes are resolved.

> @@ -2092,6 +2092,7 @@ textarea {
   color: #222;
   background-color: #fff;
   border: 1px solid $grey;
+  border-radius: 3px;

This should use the `$border-radius` variable

> @@ -2104,6 +2105,11 @@ textarea {
 textarea {
   padding: 5px;
   width: 100%;
+  min-height: 50px;
+textarea.comment {
+  resize: vertical;

I'd prefer for this to apply to all `textarea` since other places also go haywire when they are resized horizontally. Simply moving this line to the `textarea` section immediately above will be enough.

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