[Rebuild] Do we need a singe run bot?

Hendrik Oesterlin hendrikmail2002 at yahoo.de
Mon Jun 4 00:16:04 BST 2012

"Stephan Knauss" osm at stephans-server.de wrote on 03/06/2012 at 18:32:00 +1100
subject "[Rebuild] Do we need a singe run bot?" :

> with the tough problems recently mentioned, do we need a bot that can do
> all the work perfectly in a single run?

> We have tens of thousands of local mappers all over the world.

> Can we do the "easy" parts of the redaction first and let the local 
> mappers assist in remapping the tough ones?

> I remember remapping was sometimes looking for a needle in a haystack.
> The whole area covered with data created by a decliner in version 1, 
> created by drawing from old aerials. And well hidden sometimes a way 
> having additional tags by other mappers.

> The licensechange plugin in JOSM marks them all red because they will be
> lost. But If I recreate the ways having meaningful tags I can save these
> tags. Simply hard to spot.

I have recently added some POI in Réunion island and tried to purge
non compliant data at the same time.

Using the licensechange plugin in JOSM this is a very difficult job,
as I never know exactly if the future redaction bot will remove nodes
required to keep roads connected, and how it will deal exactly with
the geometry of some road.

If it would be possible to have a plugin in JOSM calling the redaction
bot algorithms and doing the required redaction, the human contributor
could immediately see if damage has occurred and correct it strait

Actually, I have to look into the history of an object to see who has
added wich tag and decide if I can reasonably add odbl=clean or not.

If bing imagery is available the geometry of a road seems not as
copyrightable as street names. Also, if just the initial geometry is
from an undecided user, and if bing shows the road clearly, I tend to
add odbl=clean rather to delete the road, create a very similar new
one and paste the old tags on it. (much faster work flow)

In Australia there are very hug amounts of tainted data too,
accordingly to the licensechange plugin in JOSM

Making such a "redaction bot plugin" could give some new motivation to
contributors to remap the tainted data in a much quicker
"press-one-button" way rather than guessing how to modify some object
to make it compliant.

And we will not have such big holes in the data set if the automatic
bot will do it in a single pass. There are plenty of regions where no
active mapper will immediately spot the missing object to remap them
in time. Even at Réunion island I found unconnected roads lying there
since several years.

Hendrik Oesterlin

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