[Rebuild] Do we need a singe run bot?

Simon Legner simon.legner at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 18:39:56 BST 2012


On 04/06/12 01:16, Hendrik Oesterlin wrote:
> Using the licensechange plugin in JOSM this is a very difficult job,
> as I never know exactly if the future redaction bot will remove nodes
> required to keep roads connected, and how it will deal exactly with
> the geometry of some road.
> If it would be possible to have a plugin in JOSM calling the redaction
> bot algorithms and doing the required redaction, the human contributor
> could immediately see if damage has occurred and correct it strait
> away.

In order to determine the ODbL status of an object, its entire history 
is needed. The API does not provide a reasonably fast way to access the 
history of several objects.

For this reason, the licensechange plugin relies on the Quick History 
which provides a quick access to already analysed data.

The suggested redaction plugin would need access to a similar service to 
achieve a reasonable performance. However, I'm not sure whether someone 
volunteers for the development of such a service+plugin (when the 
license change should already be completed according to the preliminary 

Simon Legner

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