[Rebuild] Redaction bot is almost done

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Thu Jun 14 10:53:18 BST 2012

Ilya wrote:

> We have a bot that monitors the whole country and fixes word
> order and
> abbreviations in street names (and in addr:street tags). So any
> edits will be reverted to the "correct" state. I doubt the
> bot
> should have some special processing for Russian street names,
> since the
> street bot will have its way regardless :)

As Gnothgol pointed out in response to my previous query here, the
main reason the redaction bot needs to have rules for Russian street
names is for where a non-agreer added a street name, and only
trivial changes have been made since, so the name needs completely
removing. In the case of Russia "trivial" includes changing the
order of the words (as well as expanding abbreviations), such as the
street bot does, but it could also have been done manually in some
cases. So the rules are required to ensure street names aren't kept
where they shouldn't be.


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