[Rebuild] some conversation topics: API changes + tests + diffs

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Wed Mar 28 13:06:55 BST 2012

Frederik Ramm wrote:
> There are a few other technical things in connection with the change,
> not all of them are directly "rebuild" related but if anyone is looking
> for ways how they can help:

When the background licence change process begins, we can expect more
editing conflicts as - essentially - there'll be a high-speed worldwide
bot running.

Has anyone given thought as to editor strategies for resolving these? P2's
conflict resolution is rudimentary to say the least, and on the occasions
I've encountered JOSM's conflict dialogue, I feel like I've been
transported to the controls of the Starship Enterprise and the
instructions have gone missing. It may be worth considering whether there
are special return codes that the API can give, or any "save regularly" or
even "steer clear" warnings the editors should present.


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