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On 09/12/2009, at 3:30 AM, Mike Harris wrote:

Personally - and I'm probably wrong! - I had always thought that foot /
bicycle = yes / no etc. did not say anything one way or the other about
formal legal status (hence leaving this to designation= ) but merely whether
the evidence on the ground (whether signage - which may or may not have
strictly legal significance - or physical condition or even local custom)
suggested that the way was appropriate for the user group concerned.

I don't think there is really a right an a wrong here, but I use those tags
in the completely opposite way - foot/bicycle=yes meaning you are legally
allowed to go there, and *=designated/designation=* meaning there is a sign.
[MRH]  Fair comment ... just goes to show that practice differs widely. I
have tried to distinguish between designated=* (which I avoid as I'm not at
all clear what it means) and designation=* which I use for legal designation
in the local jurisdiction e.g. (in England) public_footpath,
public_bridleway, restricted_byway etc. However, if -as several responses
have suggested, the best way of looking at foot/bicycle=yes/no etc. is to
regard them as spinning off from access= then your approach of giving them
legal significance could follow logically - without conflict to the more
precise definition given by my use of the designation=* tag (or equivalent
usage in other jurisdictions).

The big problem with sorting this mess out is all the existing data used
different ways. I think the only way to handle it would be to split it into
two or more tags, and deprecate the old one.
[MRH] +1!! I think this is probably the best long-term approach. The problem
-as shown by previous threads on this and related topics - is that in the
free-form world of OSM there is no-one really able and willing to take on
the task of deciding how to split, what into, and what to deprecate ... 

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